Quick & Easy Approval

Tired of submitting loan applications only to be denied the financing you need to purchase a new or used boat or equity take out loan? Our 95% approval rate ensures this is likely the last application you need to fill out.

Boat Purchase Loan

Need to finance a new or used boat purchase with a non-conforming credit background? We can provide you with a $75,000 – $500,000 loan to finance your boat purchase and have you on the water in no time.  We offer a painless new or used boat purchase loan process.

Equity Take Out Loan

Own a boat free & clear and want to pull out some equity? We have completed numerous equity take out loans for boat owners in need of immediate cash. Extremely high approval ratings on qualified boats.

Alternative Yacht Loan Financing

Non-Prime Credit

  • Credit scores as low as 500

  • Charge-offs & collection accounts

  • Judgements & prior bankruptcy

Unique Situations

  • Foreign ownership

  • Recently divorced

  • Live aboard

  • Self employed

  • Unverifiable income

  • High debt ratio

Non-Traditional Use

  • Charter vessels

  • Donation boats

  • Unique vessels

Frequently asked questions

What is the range of your loans?

We lend from $75,000 up to $500,000 representing up to 65% of the value of the boat you would like to purchase or take out equity from.

Can I get a loan even if I am not a U.S citizen?

Sure you can. You can definitely apply and get a loan to purchase a new or used boat even if you are not a US citizen. However, we require that you have a US social security number.

How long does it take to process my loan application?

Our loan processing is one of the fastest in the market. Once we receive all the information we need, we typically respond within one business day. Most applications (over 95%) are approved.

Bank refused my loan application, can you still fund me?

Yes. We provide alternative yacht & boat loan financing for many unique situations like high debt ratio, low credit score, charge-offs, collection accounts, prior judgements and/or bankruptcy. Just because your bank denied, does not mean we will not approve your loan.

Recently Financed:

2011 Grady White 33 Loan Amount:$75,000 1999 Sea Ray 45 Loan Amount:$65,000 1992 Ocean 63 Loan Amount:$100,000 2007 Luhrs 38 Loan Amount:$85,000 2015 Sea Ray 38 Loan Amount:$325,000 2001 Viking 56 Loan Amount:$185,000 2013 Everglades 29 Loan Amount:$100,000 2015 Sea Ray 41 Loan Amount:$365,000 2013 Hydra Sport 42 Loan Amount:$240,000 2007 Azimut 43 Loan Amount:$200,000 2009 Fountain 38 Loan Amount:$75,000 2015 Grady White 36 Loan Amount:$250,000 2000 Sunseeker 58 Loan Amount:$150,000